Musings and ideas in evaluation

Welcome! This is a repository for my musings, tools, and guidance that I’ve been developing through my work as an international development evaluator.

This a work in progress, please bear with me while I figure this all out.

Latest from the Blog

Putting the ‘me’ in ‘MEL’

A joint piece written with Kasia Kedzia. Human-centred design (HCD) is something we have seen increasingly appearing as a way to think about monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL). Yet, despite the claims of adherence to HCD, these examples still regularly forget to put the ‘human’ in HCD. In fact, in contradiction to the spirit of…

The power of analogy: idea translation

One thing that has become clear to me over the years is that people are creatures of stories. From young to old, initiate to master, we use the art of storytelling to navigate the world. As children we learn about the world through story. Aesop’s tale of the turtle and the hare, for example, helps…

Reacting or adapting? Purposeful adaptation and response to contextual change.

Adaptive management is increasingly on the ticket for development programming, and has been crucial in the wake of covid-19. I’ve been working with adaptive programmes for most of my career, and yet the question I hear frequently is ‘but what does good look like?’. I wanted to take time to reflect on that. This particular…

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